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Hi everyone. Hope you are all staying safe and well. Whilst we await formal announcements, we do not believe that there will be a return to watching live football any time soon and as such we are now going to start the process of offering refunds to anyone who has booked and paid for travel to West Ham, Vile and the weekend trip to Chelsea all of which have been cancelled. If you have booked and paid for any or all of the above then you can choose to do nothing and any funds sent to us will be used to pay for the next trip(s) as and when they are announced. If you want us to keep hold of monies paid for the Chelsea weekender, you will automatically be included on the booking for the next weekend/stopover trip and all funds paid will automatically transfer to the next trip. If you do want a refund, please send an email to us – confirming what you booked and your bank details for the refund. Any refunds will be given the reference “Hatherton”. Thanks all and stay safe.