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Man United (H) FA Cup QF – Verdict

A small town just at the end of the M40, turning left at Park Royal. There is an international stadium there that we have not lost at, in 90 minutes, for 80 years, Wembley. The place where we beat Spurs 3-1 earlier this season. Five pounds plus per pint and almost the same for a pie. But do we care? Not a jot.

The Man U fans sang ‘you only came to see United’ but the ‘can we play you every week’ retort was magical, as was the performance of every hero in gold and black.

In truth 2-1 was so flattering to United it was scary as this could have been any winning margin. Nuno, it is your fault I have openly cried in front of family and friends, but these were tears of absolute joy! Utterly brilliant.